Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra®

Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra® is a form of guided meditation that is designed to transform, heal and deeply rejuvenate the practitioner. One is taken on a journey inward where the thinking mind is quiet and the body is at rest, yet the conscious mind is alert. This state is called Yoga Nidra. In between sleeping and waking, we are more receptive and open. There is potential for greater healing as we become more connected to our true self. The relaxation response becomes activated and we move away from our habitual fight-or-flight responses to everyday concerns. Yoga Nidra is gaining in popularity as new research demonstrates its many benefits, including: aiding in symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, insomnia and chronic pain.

Yoga Nidra is a powerful tool in my counseling practice. If desired, sessions can include Yoga Nidra at the beginning of a session — as a way to get grounded and prepared for therapy — or, at the end of our time together — as a way to clear space to move on with the rest of your day. Yoga Nidra is suitable for people of all ages and body types because it only requires a receptive mind. There is no way to do it incorrectly.

Here is an article from the Boston Globe about Yoga Nidra.

I was certified in Yoga Nidra by its founder and creator, Jennifer Reis. Please refer to her website for more detailed information.

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